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Same Old Me

Well what a brill start to the fuckin week. Saturday night I think I left my phone on the bus. so don't try and ring me cause nobody handed it up. I got my letter back from boston scientific today tellin me that I'm not good enough to work for them. and I have a feelin that Katie and myself will be breaking up soon. I did figure out why I live through all this but now Ive forgoten again. For shit's sake what else could possibly go wrong. and now Ive probably jinxed myself more. just to let people know I will be home all week so call up if you want. company is always welcome and if you bring drugs your even more welcome.

on a different note me and cloud got a half on tick on saturday and brought dave-ak to my place and smoked it all with about 10 fags and a small bit of tobacco. talk about packed joints and they were all peace joints aswell.
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