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So its thursday!! Well anyone who doesnt like reading retarded shit turn away now. this is me moping about Katie.

Well where to begin. I think by this stage Ive mentioned Katie in about 6 posts. I really loved her. Well she went to India for 10 weeks (For those who didnt know) and we decided to stay together (Bet no one knew that). Ten weeks is a long time and when she came back she wouldn't talk to me. Her excuse...Jet Lag and being back to college. Fair enough the first week but it doesnt take 2 weeks to get over jet lag. and I mean I was doing 12 hour shifts when I tried to get in contact with her. Finally caught up with her last wed night and we had a grand old chat, catching up and all that. Then she told me she didnt want to be in relationship anymore. I mean fair enough She has her own mind and makes her own decisions but I gave this girl my heart and she basically threw it out the window of a car moving at 150mph into the front of a truck.

So I grabbed her, punched her several times, then kicked her in the head. Took out my sword and sliced it down her back and ripped out her spine, trying to keep her alive in the process. Then I place her on the train tracks facing an oncoming train. she knows its coming and trys to move. I just walk away.

P.S. The last paragraph Is a Dream I had that night but it would be fairly class if it came true.

P.P.S for those spasticated to believe that that paragraph was real your all spastics.

P.P.P.S. The following statement is True,
The previous statement is False
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