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I hate my Discman

Well i Dont really hate my discman cause my discman is now dead. For those of you who care it was a horribly grotesque death. There I was working away, just minding my own business. then it happened. my discman tried to jump out of my back pocket where I had it all day. Probably didnt like it when I farted. Anyway it jumped out right in front of a forklift. now my discman only weighed a few grammes. I dont know how much a forklift weighs but its definately more than a few grammes. It put up a good fight at first but the forklift quickly put it down.......under its wheels. My discman was crushed. I was crushed. it was horrible. bits everywhere. It was like something you'd see on tv.
I am now sad because i cannot listen to my music while I work.
::Crying in corner::
Say a prayer for it so it might have a good afterlife (and no it wasn't atheist and it has gone to a better place)
I'll miss you Discman.

Now I have to bring my walkman to work..................
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