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what does this button do?????

I havent posted in ages. what the fuck. sorry about that james as i think your the only one who stays up to date a fact im going to try and remedy. so how is everyone. whos gotten married and whos died. anyway i started yet another new job this time in apple computers. money is shit but cheap food and free net. only balls is its three 12 hour shifts a week and then overtime. basically i get paid for sittin on my ass so no complaints here. and its not boring.
Katie came back from India( for those uninformed people she was the girl i truly loved and i waited 10 weeks for her to come back from India) and she wont even talk to me. basically ripped my heart out but fuck it. what can you do? I suppose ill just have to get on with things. im now off every drug except smoke which i think is ok. oh and mushies im still on but technically theyre not a drug as they are natural(I still dont know what that makes weed). so people start throwing news at me so I can reply. free internet here.
anyway im going for a smoke and ill probably post again tomorrow night . talk to you then
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