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Be Happy

Jesus Fucking H. Christ. Is everybody fucking depressed except me. I went through most of my friends journals and now I feel like I want to kill myself. Fucking cheer up you moody basards (and yes I did spell bastards wrong). Your all taking my job. I'm supposed to be the moody one.

Anyway now that I got that out of the way lol.

You know I love you all.

Me and Katie are starting to get to know each other better but our relationship hasn't changed. I haven't told her anything about my past but I will when I think she is ready to understand it. Havent seen anybody much over the last 2 weeks and cloud hasnt been to my place in nearly a month.

Going to Nancy Spains tonight to watch Adam and Sham gettin waxed (everywhere but there armpits) and Katies Ex gettin his head shaved. Should be fun.Ill update with a bigger post on monday cause this is costing me way too much money. Have fun if I know you and if not you can all go die and burn on the seventh circle of hell. Hows that for being depressed. Peer pressure always wins
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