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Same Shit Different Day

Well today has been interesting to say the least.
This morning I got and went for a shower. just as I was stepping out of it the fucking thing broke. I saw sparks flying around the place. fucking nearly fried Sonik. Then I missed my bus from donnybrook which ment i had to get a later one. Which ment we were stuck in traffic for 2 hours. Got into work at 10 and im supposed to start at 8. Bad start to a good day. well im working in the warehouse(for those who didnt know) and work is basically like shopping. Lists come out of the offices and we must go and get them from around the warehouse. well these lists were non-existent for the whole day. Im just after waking up from a 5 hour sleep. Woe on me,I know!!!!

Right now im starving cause i dont get paid till thursday. how annoying. Oh yeah Katie has been txting me and e-mailing me.(for those who dont know who Katie is read 2 posts before this). fuck sake and I dont know what the fuck i should do.

You know this whole anti-hash thing thats going around at the moment is pretty pointless. I've discovered some 6 dealers and about 20 smokers in apple. and they had to pass a so called drug test. Quite funny actually.

Anyway someone post or Ill go insane.

Random Fact : TYPEWRITER is the biggest word you can spell using the top line of a keyboard.

Chow for now
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